• Reminder systems for people living with HIV

    10-rr95_reminder-systems_page_1This short document examines literature and research that addresses the use of telephone, computer and other app-based interventions that remind people living with HIV to attend medical appointments and adhere to antiretroviral medications.

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  • Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGA)

    ge-logo-sitenavTEGA is a girl-operated mobile-enabled research tool that delivers accurate, rapid insight into girls’ lives. When it comes to understanding girls and attitudes to girls in hard to reach communities, conventional research methods, have limitations. TEGA uses certified data-collection techniques and mobile technology to teach girls aged 18-24 how to collect meaningful, honest data about their world in real time. The data they collect can be translated and analysed within 15 minutes of being uploaded. TEGA’s bespoke research qualification equips girls with employable skills for the future, and it provides Girl Effect and partners with authentic peer-to-peer insights to inform our work.

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  • HIV App (United States)

    AIDS.gov has created a variety of mobile apps to provide basic information on HIV and to connect users with resources to find HIV Testing and care sites.


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  • HIV Clinical Guide app (South Africa)

    28-hiv-clinical-guideThe HIV Clinical Guide app provides guidelines and decision-support for healthcare workers treating people with HIV in South Africa.


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  • Paperless HIV Testing (South Africa)

    This application enables staff members to synchronise data from a central database with mobile data capture devices, speeding up the HIV counselling and testing process, while capturing accurate test information. The system is based on Microsoft CRM software and is usable on 3G cellphone coverage and Android mobile devices. The entire process is paperless. All recording can be done on the mobile device, including capturing signatures and capturing HIV Counselling and Testing results by photographing test strips.


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  • m-Klinic (Kenya)

    m-Klinic provides a platform for outreach workers, service providers and clients that facilitates client enrolment, referrals and follow-up. It also allows clinical officers to monitor referrals and review the medical history of clients for accurate diagnosis and treatment. m-Klinic does not require an Internet connection because it uses Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) interactions to allow access to the application.


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  • Health Mpowerment (United States)

    21-hmpHealthMpowerment.org (HMP) uses a mobile-phone optimized intervention for both HIV positive and negative young black MSM and trans women to build community and facilitate supportive relationships.


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  • iMonitor+ (Indonesia)

    11-imonitorAn evaluation tool that drives public accountability. This UNAIDS-supported mobile phone app is being used in the Asia-Pacific region to allow the community to identify HIV prevention and treatment programmes, monitor stocks of ARV, condom and lubricants, needles and syringes, methadone, and to report incidents of stigma and discrimination. The app also enables groups to provide feedback on the equality of those services.



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  • Right to Care – Medication Adherence App (South Africa)

    08-right-to-careMedication Adherence App is a free and user-friendly app designed to track medication intake and medical appointment reminders. It allows multiple users to access the app on one cell phone by using different user profiles. The app also allows users to capture multiple medications, and the frequency can be updated as necessary.


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  • Healthmindr (United-States)

    Healthmindr is a research project in Atlanta and Seattle that examines how men use a smartphone app for HIV prevention. Only men who are enrolled as participants in the study can access the app. A series of short surveys are used to provide some personalized recommendations about testing for HIV, as well as other issues like how to find out more about health insurance or order free condoms. The app also connects users with specific services that might be useful to them.


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  • Sexposer (Canada)

    05-sexposerDeveloped by Portail VIH/sida du Québec (PVSQ) Sexposer is an app for Mac and Android that allows its users to evaluate their risk for HIV and other STBBIs, to learn about sexual health, to send SMS to an educator and to locate testing sites in Quebec using an interactive map. For more information, see the case study on this website.



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