• #TheSexYouWant (Canada)

    tsyw-logo-enWhat if I want to start PrEP?  What if he’s undetectable? What if I still want to use condoms? The Sex You Want offers the community answers to these questions in a comprehensive resource. Increasing access to sexual health information in a fun, sex-positive way.

    Campaign by the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH)

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  • Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGA)

    ge-logo-sitenavTEGA is a girl-operated mobile-enabled research tool that delivers accurate, rapid insight into girls’ lives. When it comes to understanding girls and attitudes to girls in hard to reach communities, conventional research methods, have limitations. TEGA uses certified data-collection techniques and mobile technology to teach girls aged 18-24 how to collect meaningful, honest data about their world in real time. The data they collect can be translated and analysed within 15 minutes of being uploaded. TEGA’s bespoke research qualification equips girls with employable skills for the future, and it provides Girl Effect and partners with authentic peer-to-peer insights to inform our work.

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  • Healthy Markets (Vietnam)

    This PATH-lead and USAID-funded project hired and trained Online Change Agents (OCAs) in Viet-Nam. It started as a Facebook page in 2015 to allow MSM and TGW to connect and exchange information on HIV prevention and care. Interest was strong and numbers grew exponentially. The OCA model launched in March 2016 and has already had much success (of 236 clients, 91.5% have been referred to HIV testing services; 14.4% of those tested were found to be HIV positive and were supported by their OCA to enrol in ARV treatment).


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  • HIV App (United States)

    AIDS.gov has created a variety of mobile apps to provide basic information on HIV and to connect users with resources to find HIV Testing and care sites.


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  • World Sexual Health Day (International)

    26-world-sexual-health-dayIn 2010, the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) called all their organisations to celebrate, on each September 4th, World Sexual Health Day in an effort to promote a greater social awareness on sexual health across the globe. The campaign uses social media as a main strategy for engagement and dissemination.


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  • Sexperts (International)

    A “sexpert” is a trans woman trained as a community health educator. Sexperts provide HIV, sexual-health and legal rights education in non-threatening, anonymous virtual environments. Sexperts address HIV prevention and treatment questions, but also engage community members in discussions around sex, relationships, body issues and self-acceptance.


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  • Adam’s Love (Thailand)

    The website and linked social media networks aim to de-stigmatize HIV and homosexuality, while offering online counseling, expert advice on HIV/AIDS and related subjects via videos podcasts and forums, games and quizzes. The web platform connects users to clinics that offer free HIV testing, medical consultations, medication, care and support services to MSM.



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  • The Health Support Project (Austria, Germany and Switzerland)

    This online peer-to-peer counselling approach uses the Planet Romeo application (a dating platform that is popular in Austria, Germany and Switzerland). The project features Health Supporters, volunteers or professionals with expertise in a range of areas (such as behaviours related to fetishes, chemsex and so on), who provide peer counselling through the Planet Romeo website and app.





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  • Health Mpowerment (United States)

    21-hmpHealthMpowerment.org (HMP) uses a mobile-phone optimized intervention for both HIV positive and negative young black MSM and trans women to build community and facilitate supportive relationships.


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  • Suck / F*#k / Test / Repeat (Thailand)


    Developed by the Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health, the Suck / F*#k / Test / Repeat campaign utilized its website, Facebook, popular websites and mobile apps used by MSM to disseminate key information and messages designed to encourage testing and to increase awareness of HIV.


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