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PrEPTECH, a YTH online program and research study, is an integrated tech approach to increasing pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake among young gay and bi men. Working closely with the community, YTH …

HIV Clinical Guide app (South Africa)

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The HIV Clinical Guide app provides guidelines and decision-support for healthcare workers treating people with HIV in South Africa. Images and screenshots: Tags: App, Healthcare, Treatment

m-Klinic (Kenya)

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m-Klinic provides a platform for outreach workers, service providers and clients that facilitates client enrolment, referrals and follow-up. It also allows clinical officers to monitor referrals and review the medical …

Text to Change (International)

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Text to change specializes in using mobile phones to inform, collect data and perform surveys in a variety of areas, including HIV and health.   Tags: Education, Healthcare, SMS

iMonitor+ (Indonesia)

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An evaluation tool that drives public accountability. This UNAIDS-supported mobile phone app is being used in the Asia-Pacific region to allow the community to identify HIV prevention and treatment programmes, …