logoPrEPTECH, a YTH online program and research study, is an integrated tech approach to increasing pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake among young gay and bi men. Working closely with the community, YTH co-designed the PrEPTECH online web program to support the uptake and adherence of PrEP, while allowing users to bypass many of the barriers related to stigma, discrimination, and access. The current study aims to evaluate the PrEPTECH online program, and provide important PrEP access and care to a variety of community members.

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  • HIV Clinical Guide app (South Africa)

    28-hiv-clinical-guideThe HIV Clinical Guide app provides guidelines and decision-support for healthcare workers treating people with HIV in South Africa.


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  • m-Klinic (Kenya)

    m-Klinic provides a platform for outreach workers, service providers and clients that facilitates client enrolment, referrals and follow-up. It also allows clinical officers to monitor referrals and review the medical history of clients for accurate diagnosis and treatment. m-Klinic does not require an Internet connection because it uses Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) interactions to allow access to the application.


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  • Text to Change (International)

    15-ttcText to change specializes in using mobile phones to inform, collect data and perform surveys in a variety of areas, including HIV and health.



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  • iMonitor+ (Indonesia)

    11-imonitorAn evaluation tool that drives public accountability. This UNAIDS-supported mobile phone app is being used in the Asia-Pacific region to allow the community to identify HIV prevention and treatment programmes, monitor stocks of ARV, condom and lubricants, needles and syringes, methadone, and to report incidents of stigma and discrimination. The app also enables groups to provide feedback on the equality of those services.



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